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OCR Business Studies (H030)

Cashflow forecastingUnit F291 - An introduction to business

This resource pack is ready for the launch of the new OCR Business Studies specification in September 2008. It contains interactive and stimulating presentations, spreadsheets, tasks and activities for every element of the unit, saving you hours and hours of lesson preparation time.

However this is much more than just a series of PowerPoint presentations. With this resource pack we have pushed PowerPoint to its interactive limits, with plenty of buttons for links (to Internet resources and other files in the pack) as well as on-screen actions. Also included are crosswords and word searches as well as a number of other PDF files for student worksheets - in fact just about everything you need to teach this topic. In total there are over 535 slides and 145 tasks.

Resource pack contents (list of presentation topics)

The nature of business

  1. What businesses do
    • Adding value
    • Business activity
  2. What businesses need
    • Sources of finance
    • Cashflow forecasting
  3. Human resources
    • Human resources
    • Recruitment
    • Training
  4. Market research
  5. Organisational structures
  6. Accountability

Classification of business

  1. Business size
    • Business size
    • Economies of scale
  2. Legal structure
    • Legal structure
    • Franchises


  1. Stakeholders
  2. Corporate objectives
  3. Entrepreneurship

The market

  1. Understanding markets
  2. Demand and supply
  3. Market structures

Other influences

  1. Technological change
  2. Social and cultural


This resource pack is priced at £220. Please note that as it is an A-Level product, it cannot be purchased with eLearning Credits.