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GCSE Business Studies PowerPoint Resource Packs

Profit, loss and breakeven slideIntroduction to Business Studies

Topic areas

Our Introduction to Business Studies PowerPoint resource pack covers the following topic areas:

This resource pack is fully interactive, with plenty of buttons for links (to Internet resources and other files in the pack) as well as on-screen actions. Also included is a crossword and a word search as well as a number of other PDF files for student worksheets - in fact just about everything you need to teach this topic. In total there are 41 slides and 16 tasks.

Entrepreneurial qualities slideClick here for an excerpt from the Business Activity presentation.

'Muffins to Go' business game

An interactive classroom game, 'Muffins to Go', is also included in this resource pack. This game gives up to 8 teams of students the chance to make business decisions in running their own businesses. The decisions they make, regarding production plans, the selling price and marketing expenditure of freshly made muffins are impacted by the decisons made by the other teams, as well as the external environment. Students keep track of their finances by creating simple profit and loss accounts.

The game is controlled by the teacher who uses a fully-featured Excel spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel not included in the pack!) to calculate the movement of the market in each of the 6 rounds of the game. The teacher can also keep an eye on students' calculations using the spreadsheet. This game has proven to be a wonderful way to cover a wide range of basic terminology, as well as to engage students in the subject - they have, in the past, often asked for it again and again throughout the course. Muffins to Go alone is probably worth the purchase price of the pack!

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